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Moonlight - Chapter one

Title: Moonlight - Chapter one
Author: Mystik
Beta: kiraynn*glomps*
Pairing: Dean/Sam
Rating: NC-17
Summary: One week before Dean's year is up, he vanishes, making Sam desperate to find him. This is the aftermath, two years later.
Disclaimer: Oh, if they were mine...*evil thoughts*

Previous chapter: Prologue

He skimmed along the words on his laptop as he read the final result of his research, the dark depths of his eyes cold and unemotional. He absently touched the cool metal of the silver ring on his right hand; a common gesture these days. Suddenly, he snatched up his cell phone and brought it to his ear before it even had the chance to ring.

“Hey, Bobby.”

“I swear that you always scare me with that, Sam.”

The young Winchester smiled for a moment at the older man’s familiar voice before he turned serious again. “So, what do you have for me this time? Because if it’s about the poltergeist in Oregon, I already checked.”

“No, actually…it’s about Dean.”

Sam climbed up from the chair and closed his laptop with a flick of his wrist. “What about him?”

“You better check for yourself; I’ll give you the coordinates. Go prepared.”

Sam memorized the numbers Bobby gave him then set to work to look them up. In a matter of moments he found the place: Reno. A bar called ‘Reaper’, to be exact. It was easily a two day drive, maybe less depending upon speed. He didn’t wait and started to pack his stuff before he checked out of the motel, and once inside the Impala he caressed the wheel then looked at the silver ring on his finger. The two things Dean left behind.

“Don’t worry. Maybe it’s a clue about him.”

Sam smiled to himself. His brother probably would have been proud to see him talk to the car like that; right before he’d tease the hell out of him for it.


After two years, Sam would finally be able to find some answers.


Reno, Nevada.

It hadn’t taken much to figure out the fact that it was a vampire’s nest, and a big one at that, with the facade of a bar. Behind closed doors went on some pretty heavy human killing, and Sam decided he would figure out that very night what his brother had to do with all of it.

First, he dressed a little differently for the occasion because after all he had to do, and play his part. Black pants, black shirt, black boots. Nothing fancy, but very different than his usual brown hoodies and torn jeans. He secured his glock to his waistband, and his dagger to his boot so that both weapons were well hidden.

As ten o’clock rolled around he was at the alley across the street to observe the building. There wasn’t a line to enter like the usual highly frequented clubs would normally have, and now and then a small group would enter the bar amongst laughter and various noise. Thirty minutes rolled by before Sam finally decided to act. He crossed the street and approached the bar at a slow pace as he didn‘t want to appear too eager.

The bouncer was a big, bald guy, and looked at him with an almost hunger in his dark eyes. That was in Sam’s favor as it would hopefully help him enter without too much trouble. He gave one of his dimpled smiles, knowing the boyish look contrasted with his sensual clothes.

“How much do I pay to enter here?”

The guy laughed as he arranged his suit more comfortably around his big, bulky body.

“Usually the price is pretty high,” he replied with a leer, “but for a cute thing like you…the boss won’t charge anything.”

“Is he inside?” asked the brunet, scratching the back of his head to appear embarrassed, “I have to thank him.”

“Oh, he will be in a few. Why don’t you enter and wait for him? You’ll know who it is as soon as he arrives.”

“Oh, great! Thanks a lot!”

Sam started to slip passed the guy and halted as a heavy hand landed on his shoulder. He tensed for a moment and wondered if he should throw the guy against the wall or not.

“Tell him I sent you as a gift.”

Sam let his breath out slowly and turned around, smiling again. “Sure thing.” The smile disappeared as soon as he entered the dark corridor just inside the door that lead to the club.

The place looked bigger on the outside; once you entered, it was pretty small although admittedly comfortable. A band was playing a slow, gothic melody on the stage at the left side of the room. Across the stage was the bar, a scantily-clad barwoman serving the few customers who resided there. The lighting itself was minimal, and the music did nothing to drown out the whispers and moans coming from the dark areas near the walls where large couches and metal tables were placed.

Sam approached the bar and sat on one of the remaining stools as his hazel eyes carefully scanned the place. Half of the costumers were vampires, he had no doubt about that. Still, there were a few humans here and there.

“What can I get you, cutie?”

He faced the barwoman and the sly smile she had directed at him. Her tight tank top was red as blood and left little to the imagination, and the color contrasted with the darkness of her short, black hair. Various tattoos covered half of her left arm.

“Just some beer, thanks.”

She flashed a smile and her eyes glowed with something unidentifiable. She disappeared for a moment, then returned with Sam’s beer and twisted the cap off for him.

“If you need anything else hottie, just call me. Allen here will take care of you.”

“Sure.” He raised the bottle to his lips, and she winked at him before going to the other side of the bar counter.

The music changed to something more sensual and Sam watched as some couples went to the dance floor to grind together erotically. Vampires with their preys. Sam took a swallow of his beer and tried to figure out what Bobby had meant; that this place had something to do with Dean and just why he needed to check for himself.

“He’s here.”

The brunette turned around and looked at a couple of girls who sat on one of the couches. They giggled and pointed at a spot ahead from them towards one of the few couches that were partially illuminated by the dim lights. Sam turned around, intrigued and seconds later, his heart almost stopped.


There was no fucking doubt about that. The blond, short hair was styled with gel just like always. He was wearing his infamous leather jacket, and then Sam’s breath caught on his throat because beneath the leather jacket Dean was wearing nothing except the necklace he had given him so many years ago. Seeing that piece of jewelry sent a pang through his chest and he stood up with the full intent to walk over there and beat the crap out of his brother. Either that or hug him, he still hadn’t decided.

Sam watched as Dean said something to the blonde next to him, and the girl giggled as she feverishly blushed. Sam’s eyes narrowed as Dean grabbed her wrist and kissed it, making her giggle even more.

That’s when his breath caught in his throat for the second time that night, because Dean smiled dangerously and bit her wrist. The girl moaned quietly and pressed closer to the blond, her free hand clutched almost desperately at his leather jacket. He freed the skin of her wrist, blood stained lips curved in a knowing smirk. Sam felt that his heart skipped a beat as his brother bit her on the neck next and started to drink from her again.

Like what you see?

Sam widened his eyes as he felt his brother’s voice echo in his mind, clear and husky, and ignored the shudder that passed through his body as he heard the tone. Dean dropped the unconscious girl onto the leather couch and climbed sensuously to his feet. The girls on the next couch giggled nervously and Sam couldn’t figure out if they are excited because Dean approached, or because they had already figured out what this club was about.

The brunet narrowed his eyes as he looked around him, and saw as other vampires approached. They barely held back their fangs to show their true forms. Sam was not afraid of them, but he was pissed at finding Dean after two years, like that.

“Long time no see…brother,” hissed Sam, loud and clear so that everybody in the club stared at him. As the music stopped, the silence was deafening.

Dean smirked, his luscious lips still stained red with fresh blood. He shrugged his shoulder carelessly, as if he hadn’t fucking disappeared on Sam all that time ago.

“We needed to use our cell phones more…Sammy.”

And when he used the nickname, every emotion burst inside Sam.

“You fucker! Do you have any idea how I felt those two years, looking for you everywhere? How I’m feeling right now? I came here to finally find answers and all I’ve found is my brother turned into a fucking bloodsucker!”

As soon as those words left his mouth one of the young vampires jumped at him, growling and ready to bite. Sam’s hunter instinct took over at the danger and he was fully ready to defend himself.

“Viktor,” Dean spoke seriously. Quietly.

The vampire stopped short and looked at Dean in surprise, and all the others vampires did the same.

“If anybody dares touch him, they’ll have their head ripped off,” promised the blond in that same grim tone.

The vampires gasped among themselves, obviously confused but smart enough to listen.

“I don’t need your protection, Dean,” Sam insisted coldly. Inside his heart was clenched painfully because even though it’d been two years, he knew Dean’s posture and husky voice all too well. It was the patented ‘mess with my little brother and I’ll fucking kill you’ attitude.

Dean narrowed his eyes and again, Sam’s heart clenched painfully. It’d been much too long and the same traces of his brother were there, but at the same time he knew this wasn’t his brother anymore.

Suddenly a hand caught his wrist and painfully twisted it against his back. He hissed as an angry voice snarled in his ear, “you shouldn’t threaten the boss, little hunter.”

Sam recognized the owner of the voice as the bouncer from the entrance, and his mind slowly wrapped around the fact that he’d said Dean was the boss. What the fuck?

“Let go off me,” he growled darkly.

“Make me, filthy human.”

Sam looked at his brother again and Dean arched his eyebrow in an almost challenge. The brunet smirked in response as he thought about surprising Dean in the same manner he had been surprised.

A light flickered in his eyes and the bouncer flew through the club to hit the far wall with a thud. Sam’s tilted his head to one side and saw the surprise in those familiar green eyes.

“Something you want to say to me, Dean?” as he spoke the bouncer’s head exploded like a cherry bomb, and the blood splattered everywhere. The remainder of the vampires wisely backed off.

“When?” asked Dean, staring at him like always. Or rather, like he used to.

“Two years can change everything.”


We need to talk, you jerk.

Dean arched an eyebrow as he heard Sam’s voice in his head then smiled once more. It almost like he was the old Dean again. “Fine,” said the blond as he turned around and started to walk away, “come with me then.”

Sam followed him, unsurprised that the vampires didn’t try to attack. As Dean led him through one door he stopped and turned around to look at the others.

“Clean this mess,” he said with a smirk, then held open a metal door for Sam to enter.

As they walked away from the front of the club through a narrow corridor, Sam just barely heard the faint sounds of the vampires as they cleaned the blood splatter and… ate. Strangely enough though, he didn’t care at all about the victims out there and would continue not to until he solved some matters with Dean.

It was obvious they had huge issues to solve, proof that it was going to be a long fucking night.

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