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Moonlight - Prologue

Title: Moonlight - Prologue
Author: Mystik
Beta: kiraynn *glomps*
Pairing: Dean/Sam
Rating: NC-17
Summary: One week before Dean's year is up, he vanishes, making Sam desperate to find him. This is the aftermath, two years later.
Disclaimer: Oh, if they were mine...*evil thoughts*

His body was becoming weak as time was ending, he knew that. Maybe that's why he never saw it coming until it happened.

It was a week before his end. He wanted to drink; he wanted to forget. Sam was having none of that, so of course Dean snuck out of their motel room to go alone.

She was gorgeous. Drop dead gorgeous. Her tanned skin glowed almost erotically, contrasting with her piercing blue eyes. Her long hair, red as fire, sensually cascaded down her bare back.


Even her name was music to his ears. Dean could say he was hooked right away, and if it was any indication, her sinuous movements against his masculine body told him she was interested too.

Two beers and two arousing dances later, he was ready to fuck her against any available surface. He'd never felt like that before; not since…well, Sam. He couldn't get what he wanted from his brother, so…

"Let's get out here," said Natasha with a voice as soft as honey.

They didn't even make to the car.

Dean pressed her against the concrete wall of the alley behind the bar and kissed her pouty lips, then moaned as she nipped at his bottom lip.

"I'll make you forget everything…Dean."

"Yes…" hissed the blond as she kissed his jaw.

Then everything blurred.

Oh…blissful oblivion.

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