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Playing in Moonlight, J2 Vampire verse. (NC-17, RPS)

I've been playing a little with a J2 vampire AU for a while, but I didn't know about this comm (obviously I've been hiding a little over in my corner!), it started out as one wee ficlet, but it's grown some legs..

Part 1
Title:Waiting in the Shadows
Rating, wordcount, genre: NC17, ~500, RPS (AU, Vampires)
Warnings: Bloodplay, voyeurism, death (not canon character)
Summary: Jensen watches Jared from the shadows as he has his fun
Jensen was already in the room when Jared brought his whore home

Part 2
Title: Feeding and Sensuality
Genre, rating, wordcount, warnings: RPS (J2 AU, Vampires), NC-17, 504words, Blood kink, graphic M/M Intercourse, mentions of death.
Summary: Jared's sad that Jensen's skin is no longer peppered with sun-kisses and he wants to make it up to Jensen.
His skin was pale and smooth, like fine porcelain, white with the palest blush of the pink that denoted a recent meal.

Part 3
Title: Learning Patience
Rating, Genre, Wordcount Warnings: NC-17, RPS (Vampire AU), 2,570, Blood Play, Graphic Sound Play.
Summary: Eternity is a very long time, and Jared needs to learn patience
He loved Jared best like this, fed, warm, sated, lying almost passive as Jensen worked to break him to pieces and pull him together again.
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